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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 Steps to a Beautiful Curls Style

"Will the Beautiful Curls products make my hair curly?"

We at Alaffia hear this question every so often, and while our Curl Enhancing, Curl Activating, and Curl Nurturing products are intended to care for naturally curly hair, it is possible to use some of our products in combination with styling techniques to temporarily take your hair from straight to curly, giving you a Beautiful Curls look.

Our wonderful Cosmetologist and Esthetician, Laura Marshall, has outlined the 10 steps she used to achieve this effect:


1.)  Tiffany, our lovely hair model, enjoyed a soothing, deep conditioning treatment using our new Beautiful Curls Rosemary Shining Curl Oil.  She donned a plastic hair cap and enjoyed a walk in the sunshine to allow the oil to really penetrate her hair. 
2.)  Laura used our Curl Enhancing Shampoo, washing Tiffany's hair twice to remove any oil residue. 
3.)  Curl Enhancing Leave-In Conditioner was applied liberally, rinsed, then reapplied lightly to the ends of Tiffany's hair, and left in. 
4.)  Laura gently squeezed excess moisture from Tiffany's hair with a towel.
5.)  Our Curl Reviving Tonic was applied liberally from roots to ends, and gently combed through.
6.) Our Curl Defining Gel was applied from roots to ends.
7.)  Laura used a hair drier to blow Tiffany's hair dry on a low setting, but hair can also be left to air dry.
8.)  Laura then used a flat iron waving technique to style Tiffany's hair. 
To achieve this style, wrap
hair around a flat iron and crimp from roots to ends.

9.)  To finish the style and add shine, Laura used a very light application of the Beautiful Curls Rosemary Shining Oil.
10.)  Enjoy luxurious shine and long lasting Beautiful Curls!

Tiffany was very happy with her curls the next day as well, all she had to do was spritz her strands with the Reviving Tonic, separate some tangles, and scrunch the life back into her locks.

Tiffany's "Second Day" Beautiful Curls

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